Illinois Assistive Technology Program

Independent Living Through Technology

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Illinois Assistive Technology Program
1020 S. Spring St.
Springfield, IL. 62704



  • Wilhelmina Gunther, Executive Director
  • Shelly Lowe, Finance / Personnel Manager
  • Yvonne Miller, Administrative Assistant

Device Loan

  • Nikki Schultz, Device Loan Coordinator

Financial Loan Program

  • Wanda Parbs, Loan Finance Manager

Information Technology

  • William Richard, MIS Director
  • Vance Dhooge, Senior Applications Programmer
  • Tiffany Owens, Applications Programmer


  • Jane Teeter, Director of Reutilization
  • Tom Ridley, Reutilization / Fast Track Coordinator

Assistive Technology Specialists

Vocational Rehabilitation

  • TJ Schlouski, ATP, Chief Accessibility Officer
  • Krystal Connolly, ATP, Assistive Technology Trainer / ICT Specialist
  • Craig Wadsworth, ATP, RET, Senior Assistive Technology Specialist
  • Rachael Schroeder, ATP, Assistive Technology Trainer
  • Jessica Schuyler, ATP, Assistive Technology Specialist

K-12 AT / AAC Assessments

  • Mark McCabe, ATP, Director of K-12 Assessments
  • Lindsey Chandler, M.S., CCC-SLP, Speech Pathologist
  • Marguerite Simon, M.A., CCC-SLP, Senior Speech Pathologist

AT Demonstration Center

  • Robin Richard, Demonstration Center Coordinator


  • Sue Castles, Training Coordinator

Work Incentive Planning and Assistance

  • Ron Mulvaney, CWIC / WIPA Program Director
  • Janice Williams, CWIC / WIPA
  • Britney Qualls, CWIC / WIPA
  • Barbara Tucker, WIPA Administrative Assistant

Special Projects

  • Lynette Strode, Special Projects Coordinator

Education and Policy

  • Suzanne Woods, Education Liaison and Policy Coordinator
  • Phil Milsk, Education and Policy Coordinator