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IATP Staff

Email IATP staff members:

Wilhelmina Gunther, Executive Director - wgunther@iltech.org
Shelly Lowe, Finance/Personnel Manager - slowe@iltech.org
Yvonne Miller, Administrative Assistant - aa@iltech.org

Device Loan
Nikki Schultz, Device Loan Coordinator - nschultz@iltech.org

Financial Loan Program
Wanda Parbs, Loan Finance Manager - wparbs@iltech.org

Information Technology
William Richard, IT Accessibility Specialist - wrichard@iltech.org
Vance Dhooge, Applications Programmer - vdhooge@iltech.org

AT Reutilization
Jane Teeter, Director of Marketing and Programs - jteeter@iltech.org
Tom Ridley, OEL Coordinator - tridley@iltech.org

Assistive Technology Specialists
TJ Schlouski, ATS Manager - tschlouski@iltech.org
Craig Wadsworth, ATS - cwadsworth@iltech.org
Rachel Schroeder, ATS - rschroeder@iltech.org
Jessica Schuyler, ATS - jschuyler@iltech.org
Mark McCabe, ATS - mmccabe@iltech.org
Marguerite Simon, Speech Pathologist AAC-msimon@iltech.org
Lindsey Chandler, Speech Pathologist AAC-lchandler@iltech.org

AT Demonstration Center
Robin Richard, Demonstration Center Coordinator - rrichard@iltech.org

Sue Castles, Training Coordinator - scastles@iltech.org
Krystal Connolly, Training Coordinator - kconnolly@iltech.org

Ron Mulvaney, WIPA - rmulvaney@iltech.org
Janice Williams, WIPA - jwilliams@iltech.org
Britney Qualls, WIPA - bqualls@iltech.org
Barbara Howell - bhowell@iltech.org

Special Projects
Lynette Strode, Special Projects Coordinator - lstrode@iltech.org

Education and Policy
Suzanne Woods, Education Liaison and Policy Coordinator- swoods@iltech.org
Phil Milsk, Education and Policy Coordinator - pmilsk@aol.com

Contact Us

Illinois Assistive Technology Program
1020 S Spring St
Springfield, Illinois  62704
(217) 522-7985 voice
(217) 522-9966 tty
(217) 522-8067 fax
(800) 852-5110 v/tty
Email: iatp@iltech.org

Our hours of operation are
Monday – Friday
8:00 am – 4:30 pm

IATP Board

Horacio Esparza - President
Celestine Willis - Vice President
Brian Dowd - Treasurer
Luann Hickman - Secretary

Joanne Blakley
LaKeatha Hatchett
Cecile Perez
David Perez

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